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the spitzer matter. that's it for us. thanks for watching, everybody. see you tomorrow. "special report" is up next. welcome to "red eye." it is like graham stroker's dracula. and then you might be meaning the masseuse slash butler. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> the man who made the video falsely blamed for the benghazi attack speaks. could this be the first steps of the long overdue impeachment process for our alleged president? a fair and balanced report straight ahead. and has the tsa expanded tir reach beyond the airport? others say yes, but others say yes, but in a different tone and is chris brown quitting music?
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hopeful music waits for an answer. >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> i guess both of us decided to go bowling tonight. >> i don't get the reference at all. >> go away. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that firefighters mistakenly drive to her in an emergency. i am here with defense attorney john gnaw spilbore. and comedian tom koter. he has great socks, but you can't see them. 1k3* me repulsive sidekick bill schulz back from a day off doing something horrible and if insightful commentary was a horn, i would blow him on a cruise. and he is on real news on blaze tv. >> a block, the lede.
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that's the first story. hey, greg, i have crossed oceans of time to find you. >> wow. all right then. he is finally out of jail long after their fail. the film maker the obama administration falsely blamed for benghazi was released and he says he has no regrets. nbn tells the daily caller that he is proud of making the innocence of muslim, which is the movie. he says it was more political than religious, and it wasn't against islam, but rather the terrorism culture which he says will cause the world suffering if it isn't stopped. nocula squared as i like to call him is still in custody in a halfway house for violating his probation, aka, because the obama administration needed a scapegoat for its failure. i believe we have tape of him eating his first meal after prison.
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>> i didn't get to the scapegoat line until i saw the image. buck, in some weird way is this wacky somewhat shady, screwed up guy an american hero? >> i wouldn't go that far. first off, if we are going to start imprisoning people for making bad movies anybody involved in the "fast and furious" franchise is toast. they will be serving long sentences and for those responsible for the pacific rim movie should be in solitary confinement. >> how dare you go after vin diesel. >> they filed charges today by the way against the guy cnn found. i think cnn gets a high five
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for finding one of the terrorists. on this case we see again that islam is a religion of peace. you better say that or they will saw your head off. >> interesting. the movie was terrible, but i say that without seeing it. i honestly don't think anybody saw this movie, but does it matter? does it matter if the movie was insulting? >> i am not an easy -- an islamaphobe. why can't this guy -- it is freedom of speech. the clerics which are the higher ups in the islamic faith are calling for the beheading. what if a priest or a bishop or a cardinal or a rabbi or a buddhist monk did that? i can't even fathom this whole thing. >> we have come to basically expect that. it is okay for a religious figure to call for somebody's death because we are used to
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it. we almost see it as funny until they actually -- somebody dozened up dead. he wants to finish making innocence of muslims. do you hipping he should or like -- do you think he should? he proved his point. >> i don't think he proved his point. i think he is a criminal. he is not a literary genius. we shouldn't care what he says. but we can try to shut him up because he has proven his words insight violence. that is an exception to the first amendment. we could make some noise. >> why would we want to do that? >> you enjoy setting fire to a crowded theater, but the families you hurt don't think it is so funny. >> exactly. >> that was used in a decision where they were trying to throw socialists in prison, by the way. something today we would completely never allow. >> this has nothing to do with the first amendment. you have to look at this from the flip side. he committed bank fraud. it was a federal offense.
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he made meth. >> wait a minute, bill. you are against somebody who made meth? >> it is illegal. i am not against it, but it is illegal. actually i am against it a little right now. call me interested viewers after the show. we see this guy on tv. the government says where does he get that? what is the other mind set? oh, we shouldn't arrest him even though we have to because everyone will think it is a conspiracy. the guy used another name. that alone makes him off his parole. they have to put him in jail. do you know why benghazi happened? 50 other riots happened from jerusalem to australia and nobody ever talks about that. >> people violate their parole all the time first of all. >> and they are not on tv for the world to see. >> people violate parole and they don't end up getting -- >> they are not worldwide media. worldwide media, publish this
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guy. they saw it and they were like, we can't put him in jail. >> we could have used -- they could have decided. >> what am i wrong on here? this is all conjecture. >> who ever the parole board hearing is, they make these decisions. it is not just like it is automatically you go back to jail. his parole board said he couldn't use the internet? >> now we are at he can't use the internet. >> that was the charge. >> his charge was he used an alias. >> on an internet video. >> on an internet video and he didn't even tell the people what he was doing. >> there is a hilarious hipocrisy over this. we know the guy was shady. but that's knot why he went to -- that's not why he went to jail. the reason he went to jail is because hillary swore she was
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going to put him in jail because she was operating on the talking points from valerie jarod and from john brennan. she had to do it. i am not saying he is a good guy. he was a criminal. he wouldn't have been in jail except for the fact they were using him as a pawn to cover up something. >> the first amendment means nothing to this administration across the board. why is this different? >> she can condemn it all she wants. >> president obama talked about a hateful video and i don't want the president to be the movie critic in chief. he has no business doing that. >> she has a right to do that video. >> bill, but the point is, what you are saying is we get it. that's not the reason why it is obvious. >> you are telling me that
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president obama and hillary clinton were legitimately in belief that he is responsible for what happened in libya. and we know his plan. >> he was a scapegoat. >> why did we close the embassies? videos ? no because of threat of terrorist attacks. >> because of the other revolts because of the video. >> no proof of that. there is no proof of any video. >> this is all nothing. this is nothing. there were violent protests and you know that. you just hate obama so much. >> that's the point if it was under bush it would be different. >> if it was under bush, if there was another religion. these are the facts when you have no fall back. >> we do have facts. >> what are they? >> the video didn't cause it. >> at the time they said it was benghazi. >> but now you are agreeing. >> i am not agreeing and you know it. >> from directors to actors --
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i guess because bill had a day off he had to get this out of his system. >> i am so sick of the benghazi stuff. >> if only that was a real gun. >> that was cruel. >> has mac -- matt turned his back? he is a big believer for public schools for children other than his own. he talked about the importance of public education at a dc rally. but in a recent interview, the movie star conceded he put his daughters in private school in l.a. damon told the guardian newspaper it was a major moral dilemma and then claimed that the public schools aren't progressive enough. indeed he finds them as distasteful as medicine is to this chin chill law. >> open wide. >> i'm sorry, honey. >> what could a crib chill law
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have? >> that is cocaine. that was cocaine right there. >> should he have stuck to his principals and sent his daughter to a public school like every other liberal should? >> she a celebrity with bucoo bucks,y send them wherever you want. he is probably the only celeb -- celebrity that can say that. do you send your kids to private school? >> little steven and jason, they go to public school. i don't have kids. do your research. i don't understand. you say it is perfectly okay to disavow your principals and say you are for public schools and then send your kids to private schools? >> it is okay for your principals to change -- >> but they haven't changed. >> with your lifestyle. he is a celebrity. >> wait a minute, so he is a celebrity so he is okay? that doesn't make any sense to
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me. because you are a celebrity you can be a hipocrite. here is my theory. he had kids and he became a parent and his wife is saying hell no. it is usually the wife that wises up and says you can't think like this anymore. all of your goofy progressivism, you are not testing our children on these principals. >> this is what happens to left wingers. the reality mugs them at some point and they decide they are not going to be these huge self-loving advocates for a public school system that is problematic in other places. he said it is not progressive enough. they actually give lunch boxes out with faces and it is part of the program. maybe it is a safety issue. if you saw "we bought a zoo" those kids will get picked on for years. >> i love that movie, sir. that was an under rated film. it was about a family who bought a zoo. that's why it is called "we bought a zoo." tom? >> yes. >> did you like "we bought a zoo"?
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>> my children liked it and they go to public school. >> at some point will he take them out? >> he doesn't want them shanked in a public school. he grew up on a compound. the title for his movie was no rights for the unborn identity. he is afraid his kids are getting bullied like we are getting bullied into obamacare. i understand what is going on. >> bill, your only education came from a wise raccoon who taught you the ways of the world. >> it was a hippie raccoon and i learned a lot. he didn't believe in masks though which was ironic. he liked public schools, but sending kids to private. i'm sure security is a big issue especially in l.a. the one thing i will give the daily caller is they used the picture for matt damon that
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was in team america and that alone should give them points. the reason that matt damon was developmentally disabled in the movie is you look at the puppet and they said his one word can be matt damon the entire movie and that made me laugh. one word and he said it quickly. >> the thing that drives me crazy is the use of the word agitate as a positive word. he said he will agitate for change. >> he is agitating. >> from chuckle heads to checkpoint, should their domain include the train? the sweep continues to creep. the new york times, a natural paper, reports that the agency greatly expanded its reach to sporting events and the music festivals and the rodeos -- rodeos? and the train terminals. visible interm ho dal and -- intermodal and response teams are assigned to conduct random security checks at transit
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hubs across america. and while the tsa and the local law enforcement say they encountered the terrorism efforts some passengers call them unnecessary and intrusive. and the civil liberties groups say they accounted for warrant less searches. >> that is a greedy bear. it is also a strong bear. they are very smart creatures. kids, they are really friendly. if you are ever near a bear just go over and say hello.
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just kidding, they are dangerous. 24r* are authorities at home that want to arrest me. you claim to be a national security expert and i watched you frisk bill earlier for drugs. what do you make of the tsa's expanded efforts? >> i didn't find anything too interesting with bill. you never want somebody named viper reaching down your pants. that is super sketchy. on top of that, downtown usually the tsa special costs you extra. in this case they are bringing it right to you. that all of a sudden opens a lot of doors here. but when you look at how effective this will be, there is a one in a trillion chance that the bureaucrat will find a bomb some time, somewhere right before it blows up. i don't know what purpose that serves, but i will say that dhog at rodeos i think is dangerous. i would not want to be the guy that says turn and cough, billy bob. >> viper is a really cool acro acro -- acro -- acronym.
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>> and the young lady who dances on a pole. this is disturbing and why i have some -- an m80s in my shorts. it is free and i recommend it. i like it. >> they will randomly stop and search passengers in transit hubs. not sure what that is. is that violating the constitutional projections or protections or projections or ejections. >> any inned could of ection? no. you buy a ticket to ride anything and you are giving up your fourth amendment rights. i am okay with that because i want to be safe. i don't want to bomb on the train or the plane. but these tsa people are not always the sharpest tools in the shed. for example uncle dekolb has a badge and the badge has a pin and they confiscate it. it is his police badge. they did that. hello. so you don't need that going on. that's not going to protect
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us. but put viper in the train stations. i am all right with that. >> you sleep in train stations. have you noticed that? >> they are not there when i am there. i have a similar story. this is recently. i was in an airport and i had put bill schulz on my ticket. when they were asking to read my license they said it says here your name is william. i had to go and get my ticket changed. >> see what i mean. >> i don't get the whole thing about how okay if you buy a ticket to ride you lost. >> correct. >> how is going to a show or seeing a baseball game part of that? the only thing you are riding is deceit. >> read the ticket. >> don't you know what i am? >> believe me that never works. >> have i have to take a break. we searched every time we go to games or concerts and i don't see the difference. i disagree.
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as one target becomes impossible to bomb terrorists always move to the next. i believe trains had to bomb. >> endless target. >> i agree. i agree. i am part of a reasonable group of people who believe that if they want to be safe, i want to be safe and i am okay with being searched. i am searched when i go to the airport. i am searched if you valet your car. i'm sorry. i want to be safe. >> you can give up your privacy. >> i am not giving up any privacy at all. i know it is the fourth amendment, but it is not the fourth amendment. >> why shouldn't the tsa get t and a? reasonable search and seizure. >> i am just saying if you go to an outdoor concert, they search your stuff. we don't mind and they actually take our water and they take our pot and they take our pills and that bothers me. that angers me more than the tsa. the tsa searches you, but it doesn't take anything? i am okay with that. >> kids, put your pot in your
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sandwich. they never go through the sandwich. >> is that true? >> yes. >> we have to take a break. we can't do the tease because we were talking way too much. back in a second.
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which campus is the dampest? the university of iowa which i believe is in iowa has been named this year's number one party school. the princeton review survey took into account the local bar scene, off campus parties, teal gating before football games and the number of students named jeff. >> what? >> strange. others in the top 5 are the university of california santa barbara, go hair weaves, and the you have the of illinois, go poll will you pleases and the syracuse, go colitis. the
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students are balancing their academic responsibilities with their social pursuits. way to spin it, tom. i believe we have tape of an iowa student who passed out after a night of partying. >> finals week is very difficult. especially when you are a kitten. tom? >> yes. >> would this influence your choice of college if you were an under grad? >> of course it dit did when i applied. i was a raging alcoholic and i used to fall asleep in class. my professor hated that because i sleep naked. i loved college. the thing about iowa, they say they are kind of trying to get a ham on it and curtail it, but the meth labs now
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outnumber the bars in iowa. here in lies the next dilemma for iowa. >> that is the next dilemma. buck, dwuz this help a -- does this help a college's reputation? >> it brings a lot of press and then the dean says we take our academics very seriously. the university of west partying. >> chico state. >> and they get all of these applications and the kids say that's the most fun college ever. they are like no we are serious about ago academics. everybody else is not really. i am a little bitter because i went to a small college in new england. 24r* are the videos the "girls gone wild" videos and much more like velma from scooby doo at my college. the parties were more like sitting around with a pipe and a smoking jacket. >> how hard did you party in college? i hate using party as a verb by the way. >> i did party some, but i did
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not go to the you have university of iowa. they say all publicity is good publicity, but not so. when you are on this list and in this day and age, but if you were a parent would you let your kids even apply to the you have the of -- to the university of iowa? >> if they say out of my hair and that is not near where i live so dam straight. they are not really going to college. when they are 18 they are kicked out and i adopted them when they are 17. emerson college where you went was voted the most lgbt friendly school, yet everyone hated you and your sexual ambiguity. why do you think that is the case you friendless little jerk? >> the last part was unnecessary. the dig was in there and now you just doubled up. yes, emerson is where i went. it is a small new england college, but all small new england colleges are not the same, oh my chaps. i still remember it like it was yesterday because i just went back. i have a fox news
12:27 am
perspective. our producer told me megyn kelly and rick fullbaum are graduates from syracuse which are fifth and shepherd smith went to you have the of mississippi which was 14th and hemmer went to university of ohio which was 16th. do you know what this means? >> no. >> todd kelly is stocking all of them. >> true. that is an interesting and completely pointless list. >> greg, your senior year was a blur, right? >> my four years was a blur. >> what senior year? >> i actually cleaned up. my first two years were nothing but drinking and bad grades. and then i realized if i wanted a job i had to become -- i cleaned it up. boy that was a boring story. i expected something funny to come out of my mouth and instead it was just a little spit. coming up, ralph maccio is dead -- set against making a karate 4. he probably can't lift his leg
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past this point. i kid. what is this? a 15-ton ball of fat? i think i have died and gone to 15 ton ball of fat heaven.
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was it a proper greeting for a player's cheating? on monday alex rodriguez made his season debut shortly after mlb suspended him for using performance enhancing drugs.
12:32 am
and he wasn't met with cheers as i had predicted earlier. before the match a-rod said he would appeal the 211-game ban. that is like six seasons. and he called the last seven months a nightmare and the worst time of his life. >> i'm sure there has been mistakes made along the way. we are here now. i am a human being. i have had two hip surgeries, two knee surgeries. i am fighting for my life. i have to defend myself. if i don't defend myself, no one else will. >> true. and then afterward he wiped his butt with an actual hope diamond. i didn't even know they made those anymore. you know what we are going to do with this story? we will discuss it somewhere, probably in -- >> lightning roooooouuuunnndd. lightning round. >> bill, you were at the game last night and i mean the baseball game. >> yes. >> did you get a comment from
12:33 am
a-rod because you said you would. >> yes, but i misunderstood what a-rod meant. aaron rodriguez, the guy i brought to the game said go white sox. there were about 50/50 yankee fans. they were the only ones who brought signs. the only reason they were there and a lot of them went halfway across the country to do it was to make fun of a-rod. we were all collectively there to boo him. the white sox are horrible and there is no reason to go to the park. more importantly because i talked about it in a panelse the tickets. and the hot dog. >> no, not the hot dog. you didn't eat it, bill. >> it is on me in someway. >> tom, thoughts on a-rod or any rod for that matter. >>- q. i -- >> he just strained his back lifting his ego. i like the steroid era. i remember mark mcgwire and sammy sosa with the veins popping out of their acne.
12:34 am
mark mcgwire could fill race cars with his urine. remember those days? there will be always some test that hasn't cots -- hasn't caught up to the far ma colling, so everybody should just be on the roids. >> the cat is out of the bag and the horse has left the barn and the blank has gotten out of the other big thing. you can't put that thing back into the thing. perhaps a genie into a bottle or the pandora box. >> the hot dog out of my person. >> what should he do? >> he has to keep playing. >> there is a little hope people will do phenomenally well and people will forgive him and it will influence the outcome. that won't happen because so far he is not doing that one game. remember when tiger imploded with the whole thing and he was bad for years, i feel that
12:35 am
coming on. >> tiger didn't get booed like a-rod did. >> tiger was cheating on his wife and not the game he was supposed to be good at. >> unless the sex helped his game. >> and i wonder if people actually want to see guys who are more roided up and the chinese 16-year-old who beat the guys because they want to see him hit a ball 400 feet. people want the roided out version of baseball. this guy, a-rod is like the elliott spitzer of baseball. you want to say at some point i am innocent of the charges. i deserve a fair process. >> did you do anything bad? >> the answer is yes. >> i think people are taking this so seriously because the
12:36 am
cascade is like something you never heard. right before that he would say say -- i would say i think he is just misunderstood. >> technically they are a bronx cheer. >> he was yelled more than mel gibson at a bar mitzvah. >> here is my question. if there were and there are certain substances to allow soldiers to become better soldiers and fighters to defend our country would we keep them? >> what part of captain america are you not understanding? >> that's what i'm saying. we are competing within the other americans in these games and we don't care. if we are fighting somebody else we will do anphetamines and ambien and whatever it takes to allow a soldier to improve. why not with athletes? >> it takes like five pounds of pressure to pull a trigger on a gun. i am not sure necessarily it will be that helpful. >> what if you have to stay up for 12 hours and have to fly
12:37 am
across the ocean? >> i knew a guy in iraq that used to use red bull with his captain crunch instead of milk. >> that is disgusting. >> did you try it? it is amazing. >> and what about these molars. >> that's my point. people in media and i said this on "the five" people in media do all sorts of things to get better. they get botox. they take aderol when writing to meet deadlines. botox is a performance-enhancing drug for people in the media. same with aderol. >> and viagra. >> why can't -- why is it we are all getting down on the baseball players or football players because they want to achieve too. >> you don't sign a contract that you will not get botox. >> it is also fraud. if you went into a casino and you were taking chips on the side they wouldn't say it is just a game, man.
12:38 am
they would take you out back and break your hands. in baseball you are playing against others. >> we have to take a break. don't think of leaving me now. "the joy of hate" the greatest book ever written in the history of books according to a guy i met on the street., autographed coffee g i know you people order there and say where is my copy? that's not how it works.
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all right. this is the last story, probably the most disgusting story we have ever done on "red eye" and we have done thousands of them. a 15-ton ball of fat was removed from a london sewer. after residents complained that their toilets wouldn't flush ricky was thankful for the help out and went home?
12:42 am
no it contained festering food fat mixed with wet wipes. john is throwing up right now. and it was described as the size of a double decker bus. because they are in england they can't say it is the size of -- i don't know, an american thing. >> the peter pan bus. >> a waste con trabter calls it the fatburg. it is probably the biggest ever fatburg discovered in britain. congrats massive ball of fat. >> thanks, greg. >> you covered your mouth. >> you e-mailed me and said if we didn't do this story you weren't going to do the show. you said people need to know about the fatburg. could we bemis understood? could it be an actual living creature like an alien that needs love? >> no. i don't think so.
12:43 am
i wouldn't be upset if we -- what did we do last week? the spinning frisbie and the poor animal. >> he had a call back to a show we did last week. >> i'm sorry. that bothered me too. here is what i am upset about, i spent a lot of money on soap. expensive, frillly, nice, fray grans filled soap. and according to this they are turning the fatburg into my soap. i am not happy about that. >> this is britain. where do you think the clotted cream comes from? too gross 1234 too soon? >> you can take some and cook biscuits with it, a little blood sausage. it is okay if it is down in the sewer. you know what i mean? >> i felt like i was sitting next to hugh grant. he was touching my thigh. tom, tell me you must have something interest recollect actually -- intellectually
12:44 am
stimulating. >> i ride the subway all the time and there are fat grease balls all the time. the movie "the blob" i think steven king should buy the writes to this and make a motion picture out of this. there is a kris christy joke but i won't do it. there was a giant liposuction is what it was. >> i skipped out on the requisite michael moore joke. how did michael moore get in the sewer? i just did it without doing it. you have these environmental witnesses saying we are going to drowned. but because of these wet wipes they will come up from the ground and save society. >> everybody is using them, but the sewer pipes are not ready for the wet wipes and it is causing the blogging.
12:45 am
you are the most affected because you live in the sewer. are you guys concerned? >> this brings up an important issue. you are using weapon wipes, but not using them the right way. i love this country. i love the museums. i love the history. i love some of the food. this brings up something we dance around. london is disgusting. >> i loved there for three years and you visited me once. >> i actually saw him get thrown out of a cab on to the street and then i had to drag you home. >> that's how you do it there, greg. i don't know if you heard me, but as i was rolling around i said pip-pip cheerio. >> had to wash his clothing
12:46 am
and i am not exaggerating. disgusting. they are going have to re-do all of the sewers. it is a big deal. it is like when bulimics were destroying the pipes in the toilet. >> this is the end of western civilization. >> or the beginning of a better one. >> and by the way, i still think fatburg is a living human creature. it is all bacteria coming together and forming a lovely thing. >> chud. >> i think it is chud. >> let's go to our own berg, tv's andy levy. it is the post game report coming up.
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still talking about the giant fatburg, andy. >> don't use that term, please. it is anti-sametic. >> i thought you were going to say it is an attack on jewish people. >> no, it is anti-sametic. >> sorry. by the way we do look like we are head together casinos tomorrow night. >> some kind of heist going on here. greg asked if nicola was an american here low and you said
12:51 am
you wouldn't go that far. are you a rhino? >> i wouldn't say go that far. i think destroying the first amendment for political needs is problematic. "pacific rim" was a great movie. i don't know why you are thrashing. >> you are being con terror yen. >> no, i had low expectations and i enjoyed it. >> i like the director. i haven't seen that movie. >> it is fun. >> you might be right. he could be con terror yen. >> i enjoy the movie. freedom and speech and she should be able to say whatever he wants. he is not in prison for making the film. not in the sense he is there for what was technically in prison. he is there for probation violation. >> not for inciting violence?
12:52 am
>> no. >> they wouldn't have violated probation if he wasn't in the quote, unquote, violence. >> we are back to this. >> it is one of the great debates that goes around and around. we have done this debate 67 times. >> at least. >> you said you think the u.s. could shut him up because his words have incited violence. >> the supreme court says ab do caw see is protected by the first amendment. it has to be a site of imminent violence and while this guy was a teared ball there is nothing in the movie itself that insights -- incites imminent violence. it didn't say go kill these people. >> but it did. >> you are talking about the heckler's veto. it has nothing to do with the constitution. there is no heckler's veto exception to the first amendment. >> you are not correct.
12:53 am
>> the supreme court agrees with me and not you. >> that supreme court. it did inside violence. you don't have to scream fire. >> no, the danish cartoon guy -- >> you kind of do have to say. otherwise it is a heckler's veto. >> and then this is another case that will go up. people died. >> that's not his fault. he didn't tell anyone to kill those people. it is not his fault crazy people reacted in a certain way to what he made. >> it is their interpretation and their psychosis. >> do you want to arm wrestle? >> i do. >> do you know de rye sighly that noculo was not allowed to use the internet as part of the terms of his probation. >> the terms of these things
12:54 am
are always different at different times. how is a guy supposed to reintegrate himself back into saw -- society. is he supposed to churn butter for a living? >> old people do it every day. >> if if you become a blacksmith. >> you can become a journeyman. you can herd fat burgers. >> don't use that word. you need to bleep that word. i'm telling you. the abl will be all over your as. your ass. you are correct there were other riots that were over the video or at least that was the excuse. the obama administration was blaming it for bren go swree. >> they were wrong, but they shouldn't have said it and they should have waited until they knew. >> i don't believe the conspiracy. >> there was flushing a cor rain down a and we have
12:55 am
already done that. >> matt damon 1350ebgs. speaks. you say he is falling out of love with obama. he is the only person to say that. he doesn't really say that though. this is what he does. he says, quote, they make it legal under bush to assassinate people. now it is on the front page of the paper. we have killed four americans in the drone strikes. the first is under bush and the second is a we because he can't. bring himself to say anything bad about obama. >> but he does late later on. they are bullied into his practices and beliefs. he is criticizing them. >> when you say somebody is being bullied you are not criticizing that person. the person doing the bullying. >> if you are a bully you are weak. that's how i intrerp interpret it. >> i think he was defending obama.
12:56 am
>> people were being mean to him and trying to get him to make decisions president obama wouldn't want to do. >> what is hipocritical about wanting america's public schools to be better while sending your child to private schools. >> is this for me. in these debates people say let's not 1r chorter schools and chool choice. let's make sure we shoehorn most of these kids in public school and then say i love public school teachers. and then by the way president obama something everybody has to the gotten he got rid of the dc voucher system and then sent his kids to the most expensive school in washington, d.c. remember that. >> good stuff. >> i am done. >> you are done. >> this was an exciting show, andy. >> i don't know about that. >> you didn't like it? >> it was -- well, no, i liked it. >> good, good, good.
12:57 am
you know what made it? fatburg. we should have lead with fatburg. that does it for me. i'm twreg gutfeld -- i'm greg gutfeld, your fatburg. powerful prime time in all
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
of cable news. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [shouting] >> laura: as threats against the united states intensify, the liberal "the washington post" scorches president obama over the war on terror. [shouting] >> laura: we'll have the latest. >> the gap between the have and have notes. [ applause ] >> is getting wider and wider. it's going to be a problem that no amount of police can solve. >> laura: a dire warning from rapper jay-z as he launches the latest salvo in the class warfare debate. >> i don't want to really scare america but the real problem is there is no million class. >> laura: is the hip hop millionaire just another out

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